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You ARE the guy who made Balloon Duel! And FINAL FANTASY A+! Holy crap, you're Mousekliks?!
Sat May 2, 2015, 1:38 PM
Shank. Now I'm SENPAI- I quit
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 11:41 AM
Holy crap, are you the guy that made Balloon Duel on NG?
Sun Nov 30, 2014, 2:27 AM
WHOOP WHOOP *dances*
Tue Nov 4, 2014, 6:48 PM
Mon Nov 3, 2014, 4:06 PM
Sat Nov 1, 2014, 9:33 PM
Sat Nov 1, 2014, 10:02 AM
Sat Nov 1, 2014, 10:02 AM
Sat Nov 1, 2014, 10:01 AM
John I know youre busy doing the thing with the games and the stuff, but draw something halloweenie related already. Youre running out of time. At least draw some crap on your tumblr or something.
Mon Oct 27, 2014, 2:04 PM

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How do you feel about my use of PaintTool SAI in my work? 

1,490 deviants said you could draw with a jawbone for all I care, as long as you deliver results
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465 deviants said please use more of it; painting is the way to go!
30 deviants said please use less of it; I want to see Flash art!


Red Rider Hood by JohnSu
Red Rider Hood

    Once upon a time there was a Wolf who lived in a forest on a mountain. One day, as he was looking for prey, he came across an unusual sight: a wild human Girl donning a red hood! She had in her arms a basket of meats which smelled absolutely wonderful. The Wolf’s mother had warned him to keep off the road, but bah! those were just the outdated conventions of yesteryear. A modern Wolf knows better.
    He approached the Girl. "Girl," he said in his most fluent Humanese, "wat u doing." The Girl turned to face him and met his gaze with unblinking eyes before answering, "I'm on my way to see my Grandmother." She lifted her basket and flashed a grin. "I'm bringing snacks!" A frog jumped out of it, but the Girl caught its leg in her mouth and flung it back into the basket.

    The Wolf was intrigued. "And where does your Grandmother live?" he asked. The Girl pointed at the top of the mountain. "At the top of the mountain."
    "Ahhhh," said the Wolf. "That's not too far. You could probably get there before the day cools. Why not also bring some, uh…" The Wolf looked around for something to distract her with. "Grass." The Girl stared at him, her face devoid of convincing. Wolf was going to have to turn this up a notch. What else did those omnivores eat? He took another gamble: "...flowwwers?"
    "Oh!" said the Girl, lighting up. "That's a great idea, Mr. Wolf! That just might help cover up that nasty smell of hers. I do believe there was a patch rather close by. Good thing I met you when I did." The Girl put a saddle on the Wolf's back. "My last ride broke his leg and I had to eat him. Let's go!" The Wolf was alarmed. "Wait, wh-"
    Too late. The red hooded rider rode the Wolf through the wood and over the river to the place of her memory. They spent a good part of the afternoon picking plants and stuffing them into the basket. Every time the Wolf tried to slink away, he found the Girl on his back again, guiding him to the next harvest area. He was about to give up and just eat the Girl then and there when she said, "Alright, I think we've got about every type of flower on the mountain. Let's go to Grandmother's!" Fine, thought the Wolf. At least this way the old woman would probably open the door for the both of them.

    Turned out it wasn't necessary; Grandmother lived in door-less hole in the side of the mountain. When they arrived, the Wolf could see the disheveled old woman hunched over in the back of the cave, sharpening a knife. It made him a little uneasy, as did the pungent odor (which must have been what the Girl wanted flowers for). The Girl hopped off his back and called out to the crone, "Grandmother, I'm home! And I brought snaaacks." Yellow eyes peered out at them from the shadows. "Oya oya~," came a voice as old as stones. "Come in, dear child! How long it has been since you last visited!" The eyes flicked towards the basket. "AND WITH SNACKS," she added hoarily.

    The Girl got down and ran into the cave to meet her Grandmother. The two of them talked excitedly, occasionally gesturing towards the Wolf and laughing and giving a thumbs up and wiping their mouths. The Wolf didn't understand any of this, but he decided he'd at least go in for a closer look at this Grandmother (whom he was not certain he still wanted to eat).

    A quick glance was all he needed to be certain. He did not want to eat this...talking bag of bones. He couldn't help but rudely comment on her physique. "Oof! What big eyes you have!" he blurted. She stared into him with those same big eyes and cocked her head, waving her hands outside "They help me see people in the dark," she answered. Oh gosh, those hands, too. "What big hands you have!" said the Wolf (just in case she didn't know). The old woman rubbed them together and chuckled to herself. "Well, you know what they say about people with big hands." The young Girl interjected: "I don't think either of you do."
    Finally, the Wolf caught on to how strangely large her mouth was. Sure, the eyes and hands were kind of big, but they were only normal big. This mouth, though, was like something from a nightmare. The Wolf expressed this in the most delicate way possible: "YOUR MOUTH IS HUUUGE." She gave him a wide, smelly smile before replying, "It comes from doing this," and all at once she sprouted horns and caught him up in her jaws, ready to bite him in two and swallow him whole. Or in two, I guess. Can't really have it both ways there.

    Oh snap, thought the Wolf. He had been mistaken; this was no human woman - it was an Ogress. He had been brought to an Ogress' den by this demon child. Now that he was up in the air, he could see that the corners of the cave were packed with bones. The stench of rot wafted from the mouth of his captor. Maybe Mama Wolf knew what she was talking about after all.
    "Grandmother, no!" cried the Girl. "The snack is in the basket! That's my ride! I just told you this! Geeeeeze." The Ogress paused, and the Wolf saw his chance. "It's as the Girl says! Let me go!" he said. "If you let me live, I'll grant you any one wish!" The Ogress thought on it for a bit. "Just one, eh?" she mused to herself (nearly chewing the Wolf as she spoke). She slowly set him down. "Well then. I wish-"

But it was too late - the Wolf was already out of the cave, down the mountain, and on the next boat for Australia.


Watercolor texture overlay source:
Abstract Colorful Watercolor Texture by Love-Kay

Made in Flash
Kupid Icarus (p.1/2) by JohnSu
Kupid Icarus (p.1/2)
Happy Valutena's Day! I stayed up until 5am trying to finish this for you!

Next Page:
Kupid Icarus (p.2/2) by JohnSu

Made in Flash
Ultimate Cyborg Snow White by JohnSu
Ultimate Cyborg Snow White
There once lived a young princess by the name of Schneewittchen, but she was an Anglophile and insisted on being called "Snow White" instead. Anyhow, she was born with naturally pale skin, which became unnaturally paler as she grew older due to her shut-in life style. It was rumored that she never saw the sun, and authored a number of popular doujinshi.

Mrs. Wittchen, the queen, had a magic mirror and liked to stand in front of it, asking it the same question every day: "Magic mirror, activate! What makes people salivate?" to which the mirror would always answer: "It's glands." This went on for a good number of years until one day the queen decided to switch it up a bit.

"Magic mirror, activate! Who's the gal guys want to date?"
"Some might say the queen's the milf, but Snow White is the popular sylph."


The queen was a little confused by the terms she heard, but she understood what a Snow White was - that's her daughter! She was embarrassed by her not-knowing-words, so she sent for the huntsman to go ask Snow White what a milf was (figuring it was something the young otaku would know). The huntsman was like "sure," and then went into Snow's studio/room without knocking.

Snow was in the middle of drawing a super embarrassing picture and when she saw the huntsman, she screamed and screamed and jumped out the window with her canvas, running across the field and into the forest in tears. But the huntsman was a huntsman and knew how to hunt, and so was able to catch her before she got very far. As she hung suspended in his trap, he asked what he was sent to ask.

"Hey, your mom wants to know what a 'mylth' is."
"What? I don't know."
"Oh, okay."

So he released her and then went home. Snow White was bewildered and lay on the grass for a while before deciding to return to her room. BUT she had stayed too long, and within that time all the UV radiation from the sun baked poor Snow who was not at all prepared for it (being super pale and also never having been outdoors), and uh, it KILLED HER DEAD. She fell down and died. Thanks, sun.

And that's when six odd little characters happened upon her corpse and looked at it for a bit before turning to each other.
"Looks like it was a girl."
"Shame. Could have been quite the popular sylph."
"Do you suppose we could salvage it?"
"Possible. It would require a larger battery, but would likely be able to fill Sieben's role."
"Agreed. Let us begin."

The dwarfed figures then hauled her dead body to their shuttle and reconstructed her into an excavation cyborg to aid them in the extraction of heavy metals from the earth. Her right arm was outfitted with a thermal condenser drill for this purpose, and she was also given a self-destruct feature because everyone agreed that it would be "super cool. Yes."

After twelve days of intense labor, the operation was complete and they were ready to bring her online.
"Magic girl, activate!"
"She is not activating."
"Sieben, consult the Google Mirror for troubleshooting."
"We lost Sieben in the crash."

With no clues on how to boot her up, the little people left Snow White bleaching in the sun. It was then that the Prince of Ping Pong came across her while riding his bike. "Oh wow, a dead girl! I am going to kiss it." And he pedaled over to her and did so.

The unwelcome act triggered Snow's emergency defense and she woke up, decimating the Prince's bike (and nearly the Prince himself). The dwarf-things came rushing out at the sound and surveyed the situation. "Jubilations, jubilations," they said to each other and to her. The Prince was less happy. "My chariot! My necrophiliac fantasies! I suppose I will have to start running now if I want to make it to the tournament and also not die," he said, and ran off to make it to his game just in time for the last 2 chapters of the Bremen Tournament arc.

Snow White thanked the robo-dwarfs for bringing her back to life and for the super cool laser and self-destruct bomb, but explained that she would not have time for mining because German Comiket was coming up and she didn't have time. The dwarfs were like "what's that" and long story short, they formed a doujin group called "the Seven Dwarfs" (even though she wasn't really a dwarf, but the others insisted). They made shoujo manga.

The End

Made in Flash / Manga Studio
Take Me Home, Dog
And here's the dramatized story of how this picture came to be.

To be honest, I made this picture because I didn't feel like doing anything. I ended up liking the sketch, though, and the end product eventually became way more work than whatever it was I was trying to avoid. I'd forgotten how tedious a task animation is! It's still quite satisfying when it's all done, though.

Made in Flash


John Su
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
"If you try dying, you'll die trying."


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I've recently run across a Korean manwha/webcomic called "Märchen - The Embodiment of Tales" that reminds me of your work...  I suspect that this is the first time Snow White has been re-interrupted as a legendary martial artist.  Not quite on the same level as a doujin drawing battle cyborg, though. XD
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