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John I know youre busy doing the thing with the games and the stuff, but draw something halloweenie related already. Youre running out of time. At least draw some crap on your tumblr or something.
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haaaa- woops. *senpai =w=
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Enter Cinderella by JohnSu
Enter Cinderella

Cinderella was rolling around in the fireplace like usual, with her stepsisters looking on. “Ellaaaa,” they said (for that was her name), “come out of the fireplace. This is why you can’t have nice things.” Cinderella stopped briefly and sat up to face them. “My stepsies, how many times must I tell you? I am to be addressed as THE DARK QUEEN CINDERELLA, MISTRESS OF ASH!” Her father, hearing the commotion, came down to investigate.

“Ella, what’s all th-”
“ELLA. What is the meaning of this? Why are you in your rags again? We’re going to the prince’s ball tonight - wash up and get properly dressed!”
“I am properly dressed, father. Only these tattered wraps and the ashes of my dear mother are capable of sealing my-”

Long story short, the Dark Queen Cinderella was grounded and sent to her room without supper while the rest of the family went out that night for an episode of royal gallivanting. As she lay moping on her floor, her fairy godmother snuck in through the chimney and squatted next to the girl. “Heyyy, what’s the matter, Duck Queen Sanderella?” Cinderella explained her situation to the magic woman in a manner very favorably biased towards herself. “Well shucks,” said the godmom, “that blows balls. But you know what? I think I might have a spell for you!” And with that, she transformed Cinderella into a pile of ashes.

Apparently, the fairy godmother had been larping with her friends earlier that afternoon, and had swapped out the macro for Princess Spell with Fireball. WHOOPS. She still had other enchantments, though, so she cast another one to transform Cinderella into an infernal apparition - much to the girl's excitement. Cinderella thanked her accidental murderer and dove into the crust of the earth, because that’s a thing she could do now.

She then erupted from of the ground outside the palace where the ball was being held, and waltzed in on a path of molten glass. Everyone stopped dancing and looked at her and was like “Hey, is that a fire person?” and then she was like “IT IS!” and everybody screamed and ran while she had a great time. She kept this up until midnight, after which the enchantment wore off and she turned back into a pile of her own ashes. And her father, who had recognized his daughter, was like “No, Ella! Not you too!” because this was the same way he had lost her mother.

“Curse you! I swear, I shall have vengeance, fairy godmother Dracula!” and so the man left to avenge his daughter - Ella Belmont.

Epilogue: Cinderella’s enchantment is a recurring one, and she terrorizes a different ball every night until her father learns of this and seals her in an urn.


Well, that was what I was up to this week. I had fun writing this story, right up until the end where I just kind of gave up because I didn't know how this would actually conclude. I feel like this is typical of my written work - I can write up to what is depicted in the picture, but not much further beyond that.

Cinderella's outfit is very plain. I've come to realize that I don't make very elaborate costumes (vast spans of unpatterned cloth), so I suppose I'll have to try to work on that a bit more in the future. 

I think I might try making a couple more of these pieces inspired by folk tales, since they provide an interesting framework of themes to try to design around. Well, we'll see what the future holds!

Made in Manga Studio 5

Ghost Writer by JohnSu
Ghost Writer
Hello everybody. I spent two days trying to settle on a backstory, and in the end I have two! I can't figure out what I want, so you get both of them! CHOOSE YOUR CANON:

--------- The Serious Story of Pallas Schrödinger -----------

Pallas Schrödinger was a talented author with a peculiar writing practice. Every so often, he would be struck with sudden inspiration and set upon his writing desk like a madman, feverishly recording a tale that seemed to write itself. "They're alive!" he would say. "The characters are alive!" And his wife Catherine would look at him and say "We won't be for much longer if you don't manage to finish one these books and sell it," and Pallas would shut up.

Long story short, she was right, and he died of unpopularity at the tender age of 25 (the doctors of that time were baffled, but modern medicine now recognizes vital levels of Likes and Subscribes for individuals). Anyhow, it turns out that Schrödinger' writing "trances" were actually brief moments where his mind would synchronize with another world and he could observe it.

At the time of his death, Schrödinger was in one of these trances, and his spirit ended up stranded in a space between worlds. Joining him was the Reaper Raven, who had come to collect his soul but got caught up in the limbo (whoops). Until now, Schrödinger had been largely preoccupied with the countless other worlds he saw, but now his only concern was with the fate of his widow, who could be dead or alive for all he knew.

It was at this time that the Raven, bored out of his mind, offered to help fully awaken Schrödinger's observational powers so he could learn what became of his darling Cat and stop talking about it. However, the Raven would need to eat one of Schrödinger's eyes in order for the perfected "Voyeur's Eye" to manifest in its place. When asked if it would hurt, Raven shrugged his wings and replied "I don't know, lol."

It did.

Unfortunately for Schrödinger, the Raven ate the eye that wasn't a glass eye, so now he can't read what he's writing. It doesn't matter, though - he knows what the words are, and the Raven seems to be literate too (but surprise! Only in Spanish). Plus, there's nothing around him that he really wants to look at, anyhow. It's a boring place.

While the Voyeur's Eye allows Schrödinger to observe other worlds with much more clarity and stability, it still unfortunately does not allow him to choose his targets with any reliability. So he just spies on strangers and makes books of their stories, 'cause it's all he knows. Maybe one day his Eye will tune in on his widow? MAYBE SHE'LL BE NAKED. Maybe then he'll find some peace.

--------- The Stupid Story of Pallas Schrödinger -----------

Pallas Schrödinger was a talented author right up until he drowned in his own urine (he was very drunk). Then he was just a dead, smelly author. His body was half-buried (he was very poor) on a hot summer day. It was at this point that a perverted Reaper Raven came by, guided by his urophiliac powers. From there, he proceeded to pull Schrödinger's ghost out the pungent corpse in order to bring him back to his tree so he could build a nest.

However, the burial was so improperly done that it required a great deal of tugging which woke the dead man's spirit, startling the Raven. "Raven!" he exclaimed, "What the hell. You ate my eyeball - I was using that."

The Raven was embarrassed. "Sorry bro. Please go back to dead. I'll get in trouble," he said.
This time Schrödinger was shocked. "Oh no. I am dead."
"Yes. Now please shut up before my boss-"

And then Death showed up and put dice in his eye sockets so he'd have something to roll. "Raven," he said, "what the hell. I've warned you about this." And that is the story of how Schrödinger and Raven were dumped into the bottom of the river Styx.

--------- Artist's Comments -----------

Though it's really close to Halloween, it is not actually my intent to be making spook art for the season (I actually had this character on the backburner for about five months). Therefore, I dedicate this piece to the uh...French author of the 17th century, Paul Pellisson! This is for you, man! Dieu vous bénisse.

This character was created to accompany a certain Book Worm's tale as the source of the endless books that end up in her custody. His current design was actually based on the third draft I made of him, since the first two were fairly boring (he was just standing there and not writing). As for the stories, I actually wrote the Stupid Story first and was not satisfied with it, so I wrote the Serious Story next. I liked the Serious one more, so I presented it before the other, but I included the Stupid one for the sake of anyone who might be interested.

Well, I think I've fulfilled my promise to draw a classily dressed man. I hope you've enjoyed this; I now go to break fast.

Made in Flash
Morph Ball Rounds Up The Party by JohnSu
Morph Ball Rounds Up The Party
The accompanying "fifth" panel to Beach Suit Samus by JohnSu, because in an early test with my brother, he didn't quite catch what was going on.
Beach Suit Samus by JohnSu
Beach Suit Samus
The last "panel", by itself:
Morph Ball Rounds Up The Party by JohnSu
With Smash Brothers' release coming up in two days, I felt compelled to make this comic.

This comic was inspired by an old Metroid manga I read years ago in which Samus had a fascination with round things and turning into a ball. I don't think it's canon, but I liked that bit of nonsense.

Some folks say Toon Link should be wearing his blue crayfish shirt. Maybe? But I really like how uncomfortable he looks in this heat. I am a bad man.

Made in Flash
Everybody © Nintendo

EDIT: Okay, I'm going to integrate that last card with the comic, since it appears to help with peoples' understanding much more.


John Su
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
"If you try dying, you'll die trying."

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