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July 19, 2011
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Behold, flash book v2.0! Now with water color effects and curvy page turning! (flashbook .fla here: [link])
Press SHIFT to toggle the squiggles on and off.

Previous reports: 2010, 2009, 2008

Alright, so two weeks after the event, I've finally gotten the report finished!

Most of what happened (and some of what didn't) is documented inside, but here are some extra notes:

- There were actually two (or more??) Hatsune Miku cars, none of which attempted to crush me and none of which had pigtails. But, with the power of art, both can be done!
- Sorry =Raburabbit, I totally forgot to come back for you guys. =_=; Thanks for the button, though! It is now on my backpack, making it MANLIER.
- I actually encountered the R2-cup holder after lunch, but I figured "hey, I am already doing everything wrong, so..."
- Food trucks are exciting, but next time I will try to not buy tiny tiny tacos.
- there were quite a number of panels this year that were not what I expected them to be, such as industry events that were focused on western animation, or a Miku conference that was more on history and polls than on...I don't remember what I was expecting from that one, actually.

The Miku concert was pretty cool! The reason I would not attend another, however, is not because of the dancing guy (he was not actually a sight-blocker), but because after an hour of watching it, I felt I had an adequate experience. It did not disappoint, but I am satisfied now, and would not regret missing the next (unless technology advances such that she can start attacking the crowd directly).

The deviants I met at AX!
and sorry, I think there may have been another 2 or 3 in there, but I didn't get your names!

Here's a copy of one of the things I drew in a guest book! [link]

Well, that's it for this year. I'll be attending the next, and maybe this time I'll table? I think everyone we met in Artist Alley told me to do it - some more emphatically than others.

Made in Flash
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Awesome! I've seen footage of the Miku concert. Looks pretty sweet!

Looks like you had a great adventure on your path to world domination! May you have many more!

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Oh! I went to the Miku concert too!
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