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November 21, 2009
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Lagoon's Lament by JohnSu Lagoon's Lament by JohnSu
Vector art, yeah baby

== story ==

Lagoon was just minding his own business, crawling along the rocky shore, when he came across something that caught his eye: a large, inviting bracelet. Surely this will be safe, he thought, and will not result in someone drawing a picture of its aftermath online, so he went ahead and slipped it onto his tail as trolls his age are accustomed to doing.

Oh no! Found jewelry was cursed? Nobody saw this coming! It was sealed with the soul of an Adventurer or something like that, and now where Lagoon's beautiful tail should have ended, there was this hideous creature growing out of it arrrgh this is so gross.

So this Adventurer (or Adventuress? Lagoon cannot distinguish between male and female humans; they all look the same to him, and it frankly doesn't matter to him) keeps talking and wanting to do things, like find treasure or kill a monster or save somebody or something. Who knows. Lagoon doesn't have time to listen to this. Shut Up. Just...Shut Up.

== art ==

I am pleased with how this piece came out. I had revisited vector art not long ago and wanted to try it again with a more detailed piece. However, like that time, I have forgotten to primarily use gradients. Well, this at least gives me an excuse to try again.

I also enjoyed designing the Adventurer (whom I shall name Lacuna). Her anatomy is kind of exaggerated, but that's the fun of stylized drawing, right? Her sword thing was also fun to design, even though it looks hard to hold (imagine the knubs on the sides of the handle are buttons that depress when you grasp it).

Lagoon's design originally called for only two arms, but I wanted him to hold his head with one arm, put another arm on Lacuna's shoulder, and hold a bottle of liquor in another. That didn't quite add up, so I gave him an extra pair of arms. His design draws inspiration from Inque, Blackheart, and a hagfish.

Made in Flash
quoted quest © Pendleton Ward
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